Clutch control


Learning to isn't drive isn't easy. 

Although if I was 18 it would probably be a lot easier than this. As I stall and lurch my way through lower Wimbledon, appreciating the setting sun and the feeling of 30mph speed, there are a lot lessons I feel I should be taking through into my work life. I'm not talking about "mirror-signal-manoeuvre" (although in a bustling metropolis that might come in handy), rather, I'm talking about my instructor's "Pound Coin" clutch-control mantra; "release the clutch the width of one pound coin at a time, Tom!"

Releasing the clutch, and indeed controlling it, is by far the most complex of the vast assortment of confusing mechanical tasks one must memorise when piloting a modern automobile. Release it too quickly and you could stall. Release it too slowly and you won't go anywhere. Not depressing it all the way down results in a crunching and aggravating gear change, and not releasing it all the way makes the engine emit an angry "vroom" sound.

Controlling the clutch is much like controlling your expectations at work. Being gentle is always advised, but don't forget to be firm now and then. It's the key.

Tom Wood