Screen Printing workshop

Last weekend I had the opportunity to attend my first ever screen printing workshop. What a blast.

My wife bought me a voucher for a one-day course at Tidy Print in Brighton. For those of you who can get down to Brighton, Tidy Print is a must. The quality of the art in this little store on the corner of Tidy Street is outstanding, and the owners, Dan and Jade (and their dog Kiki) are awesome.

The workshop usually takes place with Dan and two other people, but in this case, someone dropped out so there were two of us getting some incredible hands on experience. And what an experience it was.

I've included some images of the process and the result, but suffice to say it feels like magic when you run the blade over the screen only to lift it up and see your design in gorgeous technicolor on the paper below.

I'm lucky to have a brother who has mad-skills (did I use that correctly?) in calligraphy. So we partnered up for a design, of which I hope is the first of many.

What a day.

Tom Wood