For 2016 and 2017 I worked on the Euroclear Annual Report. Euroclear are one of (if not the) largest clearing house in world. The number of transactions they process each year are mind blowing, as well as the total Euros of all these transactions. 

The incredible numbers were used to make an infographic, which folds out of the inside front cover of the annual report. This required special printing and binding, as the outside cover needed to almost act as independent book.

The rest of the annual report consists of hundreds and hundreds of tables, with precision required at every stage. These are an enormous undertaking, and from the cover through to the weight of the borders on the tables, every care was taken to deliver a quality product.

As Art Director, my role was to supervise the entire process. I designed the infographics, and had final design oversight on all other content, from selecting paper weights to image editing. 

For 2017 we also worked on interactive versions of the infographic.