As part of my work for KiTEC (King's Technology Evaluation Centre), I created their branding & stationery. I also had the pleasure to work on some infographics for them to promote the monthly results of a survey they conducted. 

My aim with this logo was to develop something which instantly conveyed gravitas and technology development. 

The interesting bar of the letter K and the finials of the letter C, give the typeface echoes of a more futuristic font whilst retaining the classicism of a Gill Sans. 

The diamond shape is reminiscent of a heart and a forward arrow, and the geometric cut-out makes a K shape in the negative space remaining. That K is then used as the tittle on the lowercase "i".

Each month, the project co-ordinator at KiTEC sent me through the interim results of a survey they were conducting. With these monthly updates they were able to keep interest in the ongoing project high, and generate a constant dialogue between the centres and KiTEC themselves.

Tools used
Adobe Illustrator