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"Transforming Outcomes & Health Economic Through Imaging" are a department of King's College London working in conjunction with Guy's and St. Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust. They approached me to design their complete branding and online presence. 


From the outset they wanted a logo that conveyed their technological advancement in Imaging, and a sense community. Purple is an usual colour to choose for a health brand, often they use tones of blue and white - but I wanted to create something a lot more modern. 

The "O" is the focal point of the logo, taking cues from an MRI scanner, a human eye, and using the DNA-strand identity of King's Health Partners. Look closely and you'll see that the "O" is comprised of different human silhouettes, positioned in the fashion of a DNA strand. Their multiple colours and sizes echo the differences in the types of people they help, as well as reenforcing the overall feeling of community.

Finally, the strap line "re-imaging care" is in a handrawn typeface - making it feel contemporary, and giving it that approachable personal touch.


The website followed the design principles of the branding; the flat colours, the hard edges accented by rounded buttons. An abundance of space to imply the clean clinical interior of their space.

The site was mocked up in Sketch, where upon assets were exported and the site was built initially offline in HTML, and CSS. I delved in LESS for the first time and found it a very rewarding approach to CSS - I was able to quickly incorporate changes. 

The site runs off Perch CMS - a lightweight and easy to manage CMS solution built for the more casual developer. You can read about my experiences with it here.

Visit the site at:

Tools Used:
Adobe Illustrator, Sketch, InDesign, HTML, LESS, PHP and Perch CMS.