Tom Wood


Arrow Shipping

Arrow Shipping are a ship brokers based in Chelsea, West London. Founded in 1990 they have grown to become one of the largest independent shipbroking agencies worldwide.

In the first instance this was only meant to be an email newsletter redesign job – however it became clear that we could offer something much more crucial to them in a new website and corporate photography.

The website was designed to be minimal and elegant. The landing page features a full screen video with the Arrow logo centred on screen. This has the duo effect of being impactful as well as acting as an "interactive" screen saver for their meeting rooms. In this way, all the screens can be set to the website, which works like a screensaver, and then scrolling will reveal the rest of the site.

Subtle animations and bespoke stroked icons (created in Adobe Illustrator) work together to make the website feel sophisticated. The large white spaces between the elements echo the large ocean distances their ships travel on a daily basis.