In mid 2014 I was given a blank canvas to completely redesign the brand for Techworld, as well as the website.

This was an enormous job as the existing site hadn't seen a face lift since the early 00s, every little element was scrutinised and re-designed, and then re-designed again.

We created a responsive design, with SEO at the forefront of our minds which has totally changed the way our users find the site and more importantly where and how they interact with it.


The logo was created with the aim of promoting disruptive tech, targeting a younger demographic. I didn't want to make it too contemporary so tried to find that balance between "now" and "timeless".

After only 48 hours, social engagement on the site went up 2000%.

Working over 6 months, I designed every aspect and element of the entire site, from the arrows on the buttons, to the faces of the bloggers.

Tools used:
Illustrator, Sketch.

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