Logo Analysis - Quebec Quarter


The Quebec Quarter are a block of flats in construction round my neighbourhood in Canada Water. I pass this logo every day to and from work and I still don't know where I stand on it.

Let's start with the typeface. 

There are two aspects that immediately jump out at me, the tail on the "Q" and the absence of a stem on the "E". These two flourishes alone draw my eye to it on a daily basis, ostensibly qualifying this logo as a success.  Much like Mark Kermode's 6-laugh test (which says that a comedy can only qualify as a success if there are 6 laugh-out-loud moments), if a logo can grab your attention for 5 seconds then it too must be a success.

I do have some gripes though. The tail of the Q ends in a lovely rounded edge, but that rounded edge is nowhere else except for the middle bar of the E. The way the gentle radius of the Q and it's edge jar with the square edged terminals of the other letters (the U, A, R, T and C) really grates on me. I think it ruins the softness of the Q.

The E presents a problem in the negative space. The missing stem looks like it would've slightly curved, at odds with all the straight lined stems from the other letters. In fact, the stem looks like it was removed for only stylistic purposes; amusingly it creates a subtle feeling of "thirds" instead of "quarters".

Now take a look a the type beneath. Examining the C, A and R leads me to believe this is the same typeface as the main text. So if we look at the E here we see a straight stem and 3 bars of equal length. This E is also relatively wider than the stylised E above it. So we have a bespoke E created for the main logo, but unfortunately it falls slightly short for me.

And finally to the main motif to the right of the logo. I enjoy it's simplicity, using the alliteration of the name "Quebec Quarter" to create a clean companion to the development itself. It work's it's own and supports the text nicely, but the larger Q is too large for my tastes. The width of the stroke at that scale feels too thin, making the Q seem fragile and oddly empty, almost floating. The tail is a different height to the tails on the text, and that just adds to the fragility.

But despite all this, when I pass this logo on the bus each evening it catches my eye. Sure, I think it could be stronger and more is being memorable more important?


Tom Wood